About Formula/400: The main profile of the company is to completely satisfy the information technology needs of insurance companies operating on the Hungarian market. More specifically, they fully ensure life-scale support of business-critical applications.

The challenge: Formula/400 invited Total Cloud Consulting to design an AWS cloud-based platform to provide with automation-driven backend infrastructure that focuses on security and scalability to theirs new generation fintech application serving insurance companies.


  • Develop automation for an easier operation
  • Produce higher quality products
  • Using lower cost platform
  • Faster development process (test, deployment ... etc.)
  • Increase IT security
  • high level of integrated identity and access management and policy development
  • creating automated backups
  • creating a Disaster Recovery Solution
  • Separated Dev/Prod environments
  • Ensure rapid reproducibility
  • Redundancy and scalability
  • Infrastructure monitoring, set up of customized metrics

Technologies used

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes, kops
  • AWS SaaS / IaaS services, CloudFormation

Why Total Cloud Consulting?

Total Cloud Consulting has extensive experience in creating flexible test and development platforms on AWS, as well as in container-based technologies (Docker, Kubernetes), for which our publications also appeared.