Machine Learning Solutions


01 - The challenge


The challenge

Today's data-driven expectations place an increasing demand for the application of an integrated automatic decision model based on machine learning in the case of modern software. During its complex learning, Machine Learning (ML) can confidently absolve complex decision-making processes in hundredths of a second, which consumes extra time for human control and often presents the operators with an opaque, complex consideration situation, and cannot serve even a sudden increase in demand in this way. By applying ML, operators can receive decision-supporting information or outsource it entirely to machine learning, which greatly speeds up and facilitates their work.

02 - The solution


The solution

AWS’s ML portfolio provides effective and innovative solutions for typical machine learning problems as well as unique learning problems. For typical problems such as time-based prediction for statistical data, image content filtering and moderation, and many other areas, we can use pre-trained, high-accuracy models by calling programming interfaces in AWS. These interfaces are closely integrated with other AWS components, so for example, by using the TC2 Serverless accelerator, the ML function can be included in an easily integrated system. If the ML function is of a special, non-typed nature, AWS Sagemaker provides optimization tools for the entire life cycle of ML development and follow-up.
TC2 can also support the early planning, implementation and operation phases based on proven best practices.

Other solutions

24/7 Managed Services

Although operation and support go hand in hand, ensuring the proper and efficient functioning of the system does not require 24/7 service, in contrast to support, whose failure-related tasks - troubleshooting, fault escalation, problem management, disaster prevention - require high availability due to their criticality. And of course, a 24/7 on-call support according to ITIL regulations requires at least 5 qualified support professionals due to the 3 shifts, vacations, and illnesses. And the majority of customers rarely have this number of employees, especially in the field of cloud-based computing, which is still new today but is emerging.

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Migration Acceleration Program

The use of cloud computing and digitalization is a prerequisite for improving the efficiency of business operations, the ability to adapt to market changes, the development of elasticity agility and optimal cost structures.

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SAP systems play a key role in the everyday processes of many companies worldwide. They require special hardware and extremely high availability being business-critical systems. With the introduction of the SAP HANA database and the retirement of SAP support for alternative databases, it will be essential for hundreds of companies to switch platforms in the next 5-10 years. However, this can be a risky project in a traditional environment because of the magnitude of hardware estimation, acquisition, and lifecycle tracking.

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