Machine Learning


01 - The challenge


The challenge

Nowadays, more and more companies are turning to artificial intelligence to forge a business advantage from the information and data available. However, launching an ML project with traditional tools can be a time-consuming and costly process: it may require a significant investment to acquire servers with GPU resources, support software, develop a development environment, and then provide and manage this productive environment with adequate security and redundancy.

02 - The solution


The solution

AWS offers the widest range of machine learning and AI services to its customers.
Amazon SageMaker allows developers and data scientists to quickly and easily create, teach, and deploy a machine learning model of any size. It eliminates the complexity that hinders the successful implementation of machine learning in individual application cases and industries. For AWS services, we can rent a server park with state-of-the-art GPU capacity on a per-second basis, which ensures efficient use of hardware over a physical server. AWS AI features can be easily integrated with applications to handle usage cases such as personalized recommendations, upgrade your contact center, improve security, and increase customer engagement. We can use the same in-depth learning technology that supports An additional benefit is that AWS AI services do not require machine learning experience. TC2 helps Amazon SageMaker, quickly compile, learn, and deploy machine learning models.

Areas where AWS can help:

  • Recommendations: you can customize your shopping experience
  • Forecast: Create accurate forecast models
  • Image and video analysis: Add image and video analysis to applications
  • Document Analysis: Automatically retrieves text and data from millions of documents in as little as a few hours
  • Voice: Converts text to lifelike speech so you can give sound to applications
  • Translation: To reach a larger audience, you can increase your reach with fast and cost-effective translation
  • Fraud Prevention: Identify potentially fraudulent online activities based on the technology used by