24/7 Managed Services


01 - The challenge


The challenge

In some respects, from an operational and support perspective, a cloud-based computing environment is no different from traditional IT systems. In general, an ITIL-based operation is also an expectation here, and the underlying business activity and the criticality of the functionality can "only" determine the quality.

Although operation and support go hand in hand, ensuring the proper and efficient functioning of the system does not require 24/7 service, in contrast to support, whose failure-related tasks – troubleshooting, fault escalation, problem management, disaster prevention – require high availability due to their criticality. And of course, a 24/7 on-call support according to ITIL regulations requires at least 5 qualified support professionals due to the 3 shifts, vacations, and illnesses. And the majority of customers rarely have this number of employees, especially in the field of cloud-based computing, which is still new today but is emerging.

02 - The solution


The solution

Thanks to cloud systems, architectures with very high fault tolerance can be created relatively cheaply, but in any case, in a cost-effective way, and it is not only about fault-tolerant systems. This is a proven fact by the failure statistics. Of course a high-quality, reliable support system is also needed in addition to cloud services. An important question is the expertise of the supporting organization, and the contractual background fixing the service levels.

An important aspect is how the service provider's infrastructure ensures:

  • the high degree of availability,
  • data integrity,
  • reliability,
  • security.
The development of regulations and processes surrounding the infrastructure is also a guarantee that the service provider can provide consistent support every day of the week.

TC2 has such a supportive environment. The integrated infrastructure is built on well-proven components such as AWS CloudWatch, AWS SNS, AWS SES, AWS lambda, AWS Contact Center, Zoho CRM, Slack, Pager Duty. The ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications make ITIL-based service mandatory.