The knowledge of our engineers, our Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced partnership, and our ISO 27001, ISO 9001 certifications are the guarantee that with TC2 we will add value to the application of cloud-based technology. We are constantly developing our services to support companies and organizations that are looking for a transparent, flexible and secure IT background for their agile business operations.

1 - 24/7 Managed Services


24/7 Managed Services

Although AWS platform offers a wide range of managed services, the level of responsibility for operating each of the services varies, based on the AWS Shared Responsibility model.

2 - Data Warehouse


Data Warehouse

In today's business world, the existence of data-based decision support is essential. According to the traditional approach, the construction and technical adaptation of this is coupled with expensive tools with license and hardware costs, which reduces the scope for maneuver afterwards and forces the given organization into a one-way street in terms of both technology and service partner.

3 - DevOps



Automation is the key to the efficient functional expansion and operation of IT systems. Whether it is the development of a new function, preparation against attacks or other operations, the possibility of automatically building application environments, the automatic testing of our application and the promotion of versions between environments with minimal human intervention are now basic expectations in terms of competitiveness.

4 - DevSecOps



How do we monitor the security compliance of our cloud infrastructure? How secure is the cloud and how does shared responsibility work? Do auditors accept the security solutions found in public clouds? Is the platform also suitable for storing sensitive data? Various IT security issues can arise with the use of the cloud.

5 - Financial Services


Financial Services

The financial sector is one of the slowest-changing, most conservative industries with a century-old history. The need for high levels of security and to adapt to market processes is made more difficult by the significant investments required to digitally transform, modernize infrastructure, embrace agile methodologies and embed a culture of innovation. All these complicate and slow down the transformation and modernisation needs of the sector and can have a significant impact on operational efficiency, customer experience and overall competitiveness.

6 - FinOps



Cloud adaptation can result in many challenges for organizations. One of these is often the ever-increasing costs, which, however, often cannot be attributed to a business result. The flexibility, transparent and all-encompassing pricing of the cloud, and the excessive authority of the developers over the cloud capacity, together with inadequate cloud expertise, often result in a non-optimized spending model.

7 - Machine Learning Solutions


Machine Learning Solutions

Today's data-driven expectations place an increasing demand for the application of an integrated automatic decision model based on machine learning in the case of modern software. During its complex learning, Machine Learning (ML) can confidently absolve complex decision-making processes in hundredths of a second, which consumes extra time for human control and often presents the operators with an opaque, complex consideration situation, and cannot serve even a sudden increase in demand in this way.

8 - Migration Acceleration Program


Migration Acceleration Program

The use of cloud computing and digitalization is a prerequisite for improving the efficiency of business operations, the ability to adapt to market changes, the development of elasticity agility and optimal cost structures.

9 - SAP on AWS



SAP systems play a key role in the everyday processes of many companies worldwide. They require special hardware and extremely high availability being business-critical systems. With the introduction of the SAP HANA database and the retirement of SAP support for alternative databases, it will be essential for hundreds of companies to switch platforms in the next 5-10 years. However, this can be a risky project in a traditional environment because of the magnitude of hardware estimation, acquisition, and lifecycle tracking.

10 - VMware on AWS


VMware on AWS

VMware is leading the way as a virtualization solution in medium and large enterprise environments, and more and more companies are building private cloud environments on VMware products. With the rise of agile methodologies and containerisation, application developers are increasingly able to meet the market's need for rapid time to market.

11 - Well Architected Review


Well Architected Review

The side effect of the flexibility and agility provided by AWS, and of creating a "self service" infrastructure that ignores precise concepts, in many cases is that although our system is working, it is not optimally designed in terms of cost efficiency, performance, IT or operational security. Identifying and performing these optimizations during the life cycle of a cloud application is of utmost importance, so that the efficiency and TCO of our application can be continuously improved and the server platform infrastructure can be adapted to changing conditions.