Our solutions

The knowledge of our engineers, our Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced partnership, and our ISO 27001, ISO 9001 certifications are the guarantee that with TC2 we will add value to the application of cloud-based technology. We are constantly developing our services to support companies and organizations that are looking for a transparent, flexible and secure IT background for their agile business operations.

1 - Cloud migrations


Cloud migrations

The cloud is the engine of today’s innovation, the foundation of the digital transformation. In many cases complex interconnected systems need to be migrated to the cloud which can raise a number of issues. The architecture and life cycle of traditional applications as well as the associated cost models and operational processes in the cloud may require optimization and redesign.

2 - Cloud optimization (DevOps)


Cloud optimization (DevOps)

With the move to the cloud, the development and maintenance processes and habits also change, and efficiency gains a new meaning. The size and type of companies also determine what efficiency goals arise, and these can be achieved by DevOps, ie a set of infrastructure and application development tasks.

3 - Support and Operation services


Support and Operation services

The project never ends with implementation. Operation, system availability, operational support, and ongoing improvements and modifications during operation make the picture complete and the system or application truly usable.

4 - Workshops



In order to make appropriate business and professional decisions regarding the use of the cloud, it is necessary to know in detail the components of the cloud, their relationship with each other, business models, and professional language. At both C-level and technical level, continuous professional training, participation in trainings and obtaining certificates are essential.

5 - Enterprise Cloud Journey


Enterprise Cloud Journey

Nowadays, several large companies are choosing to move part or all of their IT infrastructure to the cloud. However, this journey is more than just a simple technical challenge - in addition to moving applications and data, finance, project planning, operational, and other processes are needed to be settled in a cloud ready way. During the migration, a hybrid model can be developed in the short or even long term, in which traditional IT and cloud technologies coexist and ensure their smooth integration.

6 - SAP on AWS



SAP systems play a key role in the everyday processes of many companies worldwide. They require special hardware and extremely high availability being business-critical systems. With the introduction of the SAP HANA database and the retirement of SAP support for alternative databases, it will be essential for hundreds of companies to switch platforms in the next 5-10 years. However, this can be a risky project in a traditional environment because of the magnitude of hardware estimation, acquisition, and lifecycle tracking.

7 - VMware on AWS


VMware on AWS

VMware is a leader in medium and large enterprise environments as a virtualization solution, and more and more companies are building a private cloud environment on VMware products. With the rise of agile methodology and containerization, application developers are increasingly able to meet the need for fast ‘time to market’.

8 - Containerization



As public cloud usage keeps expanding, containers use cases are getting more and more popular too, as both both play well when it comes for flexibility and scalability. For orchestrating containers, and forming our application for microservice architecture on the most common container management platform, Kubernetes, there is often a significant operational management overhead. Keeping the Kubernetes cluster secure, up to date and always running takes a lot of time from developers, DevOps, and infrastructure professionals, thereby reducing useful, productive work hours.

9 - Machine Learning


Machine Learning

Nowadays, more and more companies are turning to artificial intelligence to forge a business advantage from the information and data available. However, launching an ML project with traditional tools can be a time-consuming and costly process: it may require a significant investment to acquire servers with GPU resources, support software, develop a development environment, and then provide and manage this productive environment with adequate security and redundancy.

10 - Cloud security


Cloud security

How secure is the cloud and how does shared responsibility work? Do auditors accept security solutions in public clouds? Is the platform suitable for storing sensitive data? Using the cloud can lead to a variety of IT security issues the most common questions and answers are collected here.