The knowledge of our engineers, our Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced partnership, and our ISO 27001, ISO 9001 certifications are the guarantee that with TC2 we will add value to the application of cloud-based technology. We are constantly developing our services to support companies and organizations that are looking for a transparent, flexible and secure IT background for their agile business operations.

1 - AppDev for Platform


AppDev for Platform

Implementing AWS with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) brings its own set of challenges, regardless of the specific tool used such as Terraform, AWS CloudFormation or Azure Resource Manager.

1 - Cloud analytics


Cloud analytics

Today, more and more companies are turning to predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to turn available information and data into business advantage. However, launching a data and AI project with traditional tools can be a time- and cost-intensive process: it can require a large investment to procure GPU-powered servers, supporting software, build the development environment, and then secure and manage this productive environment with appropriate security and redundancy.

1 - Cloud migration


Cloud migration

The cloud is the engine of today’s innovation, the foundation of the digital transformation. In many cases complex interconnected systems need to be migrated to the cloud which can raise a number of issues. The architecture and life cycle of traditional applications as well as the associated cost models and operational processes in the cloud may require optimization and redesign.

1 - Cloud optimization


Cloud optimization

With the move to the cloud, the development and maintenance processes and habits also change, and efficiency gains a new meaning. The size and type of companies also determine what efficiency goals arise, and these can be achieved by DevOps, ie a set of infrastructure and application development tasks.

1 - Cloud security


Cloud security

How secure is the cloud and how does shared responsibility work? Do auditors accept security solutions in public clouds? Is the platform suitable for storing sensitive data? Using the cloud can lead to a variety of IT security issues the most common questions and answers are collected here.

1 - Managed Services in the Cloud


Managed Services in the Cloud

In order to maximise the benefits of the cloud and have an efficient environment in all aspects, the cloud platform needs to be constantly "tuned", because unlike on-prem environments, this can be done easily and quickly.