re:Invent Pundits

The re: Invent conference was multi-faceted in 2020, organized by Amazon Web Services from November 30 to December 18, and made available to everyone in cyberspace. A team of expert commentators was formed from TC2 colleagues, who summarized each week's big announcements and placed them in context: We reported on the expected impact of the changes on the Hungarian market.


re: Invent Pundits – Summary, Part Four

This video is the last in a four-part series that is a summary of the entire conference.


re: Invent Pundits – Third Week

The third week’s discussion will cover the lectures from 14 December to 18 December 2020.


re: Invent Pundits – Second week

The second week’s discussion will cover lectures from 7 December to 13 December 2020.


re: Invent Pundits – First Week

The first week’s discussion will cover lectures from 30 November to 6 December 2020.