Our story

Around 2015, you could already feel it in the air that cloud technology was going to radically transform IT also in Hungary. That was the main reason why, after almost one year of preparations, in 2016, the company Total Cloud Consulting was set up. From the cloud service providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS) was selected for co-operation, as they represented high professional standards, however, at that time, they had no partner company in Hungary.

The beginnings were not easy, but the founders strongly believed in the potential of the CLOUD and that sooner or later this technology would gain ground in the Hungarian market as well. The work paid off, and it brought a lot of changes both at organizational and professional level. The team and the clientele were constantly growing, the company name was changed to TC2, conferences with hundreds of attendees were organized as part of the AWSome Day series. In 2019, TC2 became the first Advanced Partner of AWS in Hungary. Meeting the advanced partner criteria system is a complex task: in addition to turnover requirements, at least 8 employees needed to acquire professional AWS certificates, a minimum of 20 new projects had to be completed in the 12 months prior to the accreditation, and 20 customer satisfaction surveys had to be carried out.

Our team is constantly learning and building IT systems. Cloud computing is not a passing fad, but a set of new methods and models. Our expertise will help your company get the most out of it.

TC2 deals with both the creation of new cloud systems and the migration of traditional environments into the cloud. Projects range from concept creation and architecture to development, implementation and operation. The number of employees has now reached 16 people, and the company has become a key player in the Hungarian and regional cloud market.

Co-founders and current leaders of TC2 are György Ákos and Róbert Révész, both of whom have held leading positions in Hungarian subsidiaries of several international companies as well as in major Hungarian IT companies in recent decades.

In this episode of our Tech Session Podcast, our co-founders talk about starting a company, the initial challenges and the progressive opportunities in the cloud (the video is in Hungarian).