VMware on AWS


01 - The challenge


The challenge

VMware is a leader in medium and large enterprise environments as a virtualization solution, and more and more companies are building a private cloud environment on VMware products. With the rise of agile methodology and containerization, application developers are increasingly able to meet the need for fast ‘time to market’.

02 - The solution


The solution

In contrast, on-premise infrastructure is a major challenge to keep pace with the rapidly changing needs of the market and the pace of application developers. Expanding the local server park and network is time consuming: procurement processes can be lengthy, hardware manufacturers usually undertake delivery for 4-6 weeks, and even then, we didn’t even count on the company’s internal processes to authorize the procurement. After successful acquisition, the devices are awaiting installation, configuration and testing – a process that requires time and human resources. In addition to the aforementioned disadvantages, there may also be a problem that the system does not bring the expected performance and efficiency.

To address the issues mentioned above, the VMware Cloud on AWS integrated cloud solution, a joint product of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware, was created. With the VMware Cloud on AWS solution, it is possible to take advantage of the well-known benefits of the cloud, all by using VMware products already known from the on-premises environment in the cloud.

Another advantage of this solution is that we can easily connect our on-premise and cloud VMware environments, and we can move virtual machines and containers between on premise and the cloud. One beneficial use of this solution could be to serve base traffic demand from an on-premise resource, and fulfill peak or burst traffic demand above the baseline needs from the cloud.

In addition, native AWS services can be used from the VMware Cloud on AWS environment: we can reform our backup system by saving to S3 object storage instead of on-premise tape backup, saving time, operational resources, and costs.

TC2 provides support for both native VMware on AWS Cloud and on-premise hybrid cloud solutions.