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Get to know our colleagues and how we see cloud-based information technology, what motivates us to work in this industry.

György Ákos

Alliance Head, Co-funder

Regarding the cloud, I always say that it will happen with or without us in the near future, so why not with us. This cloud-based IT is unstoppable. One approach is that if I don’t want to fall behind professionally, especially if I’m young and still have a lot of work to do in the industry, I need to learn this as soon as possible and then I’ll have a good job. Otherwise, I could easily get fired because my expertise is outdated. Due to my age, my approach is different, my professional career is no longer the main aspect. This is because the cloud will sooner or later turn into a visible hype. And those who realise it early enough, can make extra profit from such business explosions. This hype will come with or without me, and regardless of me, many will do well in this business, so why stay out of it now? Not to mention that this new world is even interesting.

Péter Cseh

Senior Cloud Architect

In a traditional IT environment, the cost of IT services is difficult to estimate, it is not possible to accurately measure the capacity used. In case of the cloud, it can all be planned precisely.

Our costs are based on the resources used along the Pay-As-You-Go principle.

When scaling applications, the cloud gives you great flexibility – no need to wait for the purchasing – and we have the resources we need in minutes. If, on the other hand, we no longer need the surplus, we can reduce it any time, the cloud platform is also particularly suitable for the rapid creation of new environments. With the change in approach, the business can respond to user needs sooner, we can launch our new, even international services within minutes. The question often arises: Is it safe? It is safe! A wide range of security solutions are available without high investment costs. It is important to note that shared responsibilities allow for well-separated security levels.

Kriszta Csonka

Back Office Expert

As a non-technical person, I think cloud service is a great thing, we use it one way or another, even if we do not realize it.

Convenient, reliable, saves space, cheap. We don’t have to use our own storage, we’re not tied to a single location with a computer, the data in the cloud can be easily accessed from anywhere, on any device.

With its help, we can for example work remotely – sending emails, issuing invoices, working in the company’s internal system, we can even organize video conferences. We can save time and energy, and in this busy world, this is very important.

Lajos Gács

Enterprise Architect

During more than 40 years of my professional life, I’ve had the chance to experience – sometimes suffer from – many changes in technology. Some of them were short-lived. Some of them looked promising – even for decades – but never became overwhelmingly successful. Of course, there were also those whose success became a defining direction of IT for a longer period.

In such an environment, making the right and timely choices can bring success to both business projects and individual careers. Of course, such a choice usually involves risk. But cloud technology is not like that. The cloud will be the inevitable infrastructural basis for competing technologies in the coming years – perhaps decades. It’s time to start using it.
Of course, I might even be wrong.

Szabolcs Hidvégi

Enterprise Integration Architect

Some people think about the cloud as a place to store data, or a place where services are available on a cloud basis, or possibly a virtualization of physical computing devices. However, the future is unpredictable. I envision the true unfolding of the cloud as an extension that is an integral part of the physical world. In this space there are smaller, larger “shops” that provide services, “rooms” in which we can put our things, furnish them. From these, everyone (individuals as well as companies of different sizes) can dynamically create a living space in which they can realize their ideas (such as in their own apartment, office, warehouse, business premises) according to their own tastes and current needs and hide them as they wish. Or you can outsource the infrastructure that serves it. Everyone is a participant and a shaper of this unfolding future, here and now.

And we are the designers and builders of the new world, we shape the cloud, provide the necessary IT foundations and living space for our customers.

Tamás Magda

Cloud Architect

After working for almost 10 years in building and operating traditional, ‘on-premise’ infrastructures, in 2020 I decided to switch to the cloud direction. In previous years, the disadvantages of traditional systems had occured more and more frequently, and it had become increasingly important for companies to bring new ideas, applications and solutions to the market as quickly as possible.

Traditional environments were less and less able to meet these needs. Complicated and slow hardware purchases, inflexible infrastructures, large, unmanageable monolithic systems characterized the old systems. In 2020, this was made even more difficult by hardware factories shutting down due to covid-19, which made it even slower and more difficult to purchase infrastructure elements.

I can say the shift was worth it, the cloud can really be a solution to a number of problems companies and thus infrastructure operators face. Fault-tolerant, automated environments can be built much faster and easier – all still being supported by highly secure solutions.

Sándor Molnár

Head of Services

Among the many benefits of the cloud, I would highlight the “pay as much as you use” approach. This provides an opportunity for unprecedented KPI-based measurement of IT services and serviced areas within the organization, introducing an entirely new, opex-based IT operational model that leads to the emergence of a new expert knowledge base, a new IT organization, and a new generation of CIOs.

Dániel Papp

Cloud Architect

It was the cloud’s immediacy that first attracted me. You don’t have to wait to try an interesting solution, you can start testing it right away. An IaC (infrastructure as a code) can be used to turn a test environment into a live system in a fraction of time compared to on premise systems. Complementing the environment with the possibility of horizontal scaling of the cloud, it is possible to respond quickly to increased workload. Operation is also facilitated by managed services. Nowadays, IT security is rightly a very important topic. Well-defined roles and easily accessible security services are a big advantage of the cloud. With each project, you learn more and more and shape the cloud into your very own Swiss army knife of IT.

Róbert Révész

CEO, Co-funder

I believe it’s possible to leave a mark. I wish to have an effect with what I do. It is no longer only the brave pioneers but also more cautious innovators whom cloud computing knowledge help to make a difference. The cloud gives me the opportunity of everyday improvement. It changes quickly, encourages constant learning, you have to keep up with it. Without cloud computing, our environmental intelligence would be poorer today, that would make survival impossible.

Balázs Sepsy

Project Manager

Cloud computing is an innovative technology that provides a fast and flexible solution for storing and managing our data, as well as enabling extremely fast, efficient and comprehensive work. As cloud servers are highly scalable, we have the ability to tailor these resources to the needs of our operations — just think about using the right storage or integrating seasonal services. We only have to pay for the amount of storage or service we use, so there is no overpayment and it allows for a much more predictable budget. We have access to a number of cloud-based services and technologies on the market, and it is gaining more and more ground among both businesses and individuals.

I think it’s becoming more and more important in everyday life to try to keep up with technological innovations, and cloud technology plays a huge role in that, so I think it’s important to keep educating myself in this field.

Károly Sepsy


In line with today’s trends, it is more and more our expectation to use all kinds of activities as a service – think of either a car lease or the complete IT background services of a company. This is exactly what cloud provides: it can offer a full range of services to customers in a cheap and secure way, so time can entirely be spent on developing your own intellectual product, your “core business,” instead of performing repetitive technological tasks.

How can we, TC2, help? Innovation on public cloud platforms has by now accelerated drastically, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) at the forefront, so it needs a full person week by week to keep our knowledge up to date on new solutions. We help our customers design and operate the best possible, timeless solution in the AWS cloud. This is our very own core business.

József Serfőző

Project Manager

Cloud technology is a very good name for the renewal of information technology, a great expression to reflect the limitlessness and flexibility of the imagination. It allows us to re-dream our systems, try new solutions that are more time and cost effective than traditional devices. 

Many people believe that on-premise devices provide the secure background for the business to operate, forgetting that the real value comes from a well-established system and the logic behind it. 

We recommend cloud technology to those conscious, demanding and innovative professionals and companies who would tune their systems according to their goals (eg speed, low cost, high availability, etc.). 

With its complex flexibility, cloud technology means the future for me – an opportunity to quickly follow and implement business needs. That’s why it’s really attractive to me! 

Tamás Szili

Cloud Engineer

For many, the cloud is a storage where we upload things that are important to us or things we want to share so that we can access it at any time via the internet. In my opinion, the biggest advantage of the cloud is that we can immediately use solutions, techniques and resources that could previously only be achieved with huge investments: so only large companies and multis could afford it. 

Fortunately, now anyone can easily access these technologies – spared the lion’s share – with a few clicks backed by a wealth of guides. In this way, individuals can easily try out their ideas, giving them the opportunity for self development, creativity, learning new things – even as a hobby.