Our team

Get to know our colleagues and how we see cloud-based information technology, what motivates us to work in this industry.

György Ákos

Alliance Head, Co-funder

Regarding the cloud, I always say that it will happen with or without us in the near future, so why not with us. This cloud-based IT is unstoppable. One approach is that if I don’t want to fall behind professionally, especially if I’m young and still have a lot of work to do in the industry, I need to learn this as soon as possible and then I’ll have a good job. Otherwise, I could easily get fired because my expertise is outdated. Due to my age, my approach is different, my professional career is no longer the main aspect. This is because the cloud will sooner or later turn into a visible hype. And those who realise it early enough, can make extra profit from such business explosions. This hype will come with or without me, and regardless of me, many will do well in this business, so why stay out of it now? Not to mention that this new world is even interesting.

Sándor Molnár


Among the many benefits of the cloud, I would highlight the “pay as much as you use” approach. This provides an opportunity for unprecedented KPI-based measurement of IT services and serviced areas within the organization, introducing an entirely new, opex-based IT operational model that leads to the emergence of a new expert knowledge base, a new IT organization, and a new generation of CIOs.

Róbert Révész

CEO, Co-funder

I believe it’s possible to leave a mark. I wish to have an effect with what I do. It is no longer only the brave pioneers but also more cautious innovators whom cloud computing knowledge help to make a difference. The cloud gives me the opportunity of everyday improvement. It changes quickly, encourages constant learning, you have to keep up with it. Without cloud computing, our environmental intelligence would be poorer today, that would make survival impossible. 

Károly Sepsy


In line with today’s trends, it is more and more our expectation to use all kinds of activities as a service – think of either a car lease or the complete IT background services of a company. This is exactly what cloud provides: it can offer a full range of services to customers in a cheap and secure way, so time can entirely be spent on developing your own intellectual product, your “core business,” instead of performing repetitive technological tasks.

How can we, TC2, help? Innovation on public cloud platforms has by now accelerated drastically, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) at the forefront, so it needs a full person week by week to keep our knowledge up to date on new solutions. We help our customers design and operate the best possible, timeless solution in the AWS cloud. This is our very own core business.