Virtual server backup into the cloud

The small and medium enterprise computing way is changing. Some forms of virtualization are available now for both small entrepreneurs and large companies. Most of the companies has begun using virtualization technology. VMware and Microsoft technologies have the highest market presence to date.

The very high market presence of the different virtualization technologies is supposed to be followed by strong backup claim to any size of the business.

Our offering on the backup of the virtual servers to cloud

The Total Cloud Consulting proposes an optimal solution, the combination of HPE Backup software (HPE VM Explorer) optimized for the small business segment and the so called S3 (Simple Storage Services) the Amazon Web Services (AWS) storage solution.

  • VM backup is the fastest growing market segments among the backup solutions.
  • SME (1-999 employees) segment is the driving force of the IT industry.
  • The SME segment of the IT backup market today is 38%.
  • The HP Enterprise has a 60% share of VMware server market segments, so HPE knows the exact needs.

Why is it worth choosing?

  • Because the data is in maximum available safety! The likelihood that the data is lost is 0.000000001%! This reliability can only be achieved on very high price with own devices.
  • One pays for the data that the one actually backed up! You do not have to engage capacity in advance, but there is no limit to how much data is needed to be stored.
  • The backup software is simple to handle, no need to pass costly course.
  • The backup software system requirement is low! The total size of the software, only 36 884 KB.
  • The most common VMware and Microsoft solutions are supported in an integrated way, eg. VMware virtual machines do not have to be stopped to get ready to backup.


It is expertise the most important criteria to develop cloud based IT. The AWS is a uniquely efficient solution, we can help you to benefit from.
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