Serverless Computing

The serverless computing is one of the newest forms of cloud computing. Not every cloud provider offers this option, only the largest ones, including Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The emergence of virtualization

The entry of virtual machines has already been resolved, the better usage of physical machines, in order to provide constant load on them, but the development was not stopped here. On VM level, there were still some unused resources such as memories.

Without servers

The next step is called serverless architecture. At this point basic units are split to so called procedures and functions and these elementary tasks are performed in the cloud provider's infrastructure without being said what kind of physical or virtual server is required for. It is the cloud service provider who is in charge for, as the Consumer is only interested in the quick execution of functions without error. Of course, one would like to pay only for the successful runs regularly. And here is the big difference! One does not have to pay for a resource, whether physical or virtual, that is not in use!

  • Serverless database – DynamoDB
  • Serverless business logic – Lambda functions
  • Serverless user interface – API Gateway

Serverless mode of operation: There is no need to rent any physical or virtual machines, we have to pay for the time that we use. Cost-effective systems can be built this way, as a sufficiently large number of users commonly use a computer system, then continuous utilization of each item is provided, so the costs are spread, everyone pays as much as their actual use of the system's resources.

Why Total Cloud Consulting?

Total Cloud Consulting is a professional expert of the Amazon Web Services so that can assess the processes of the customers and makes recommendations on those areas where tasks can be solved in an effective, low-cost way if moved to serverless systems.


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