Among the applications, the Enterprise Resource Planning Systems are one of the most widely used solutions. In particular, SAP globally reached a prominent position, and is a clear market leader in Hungary.

Between SAP and AWS there is a close alliance since 2006.

Proven system certification processes ensure efficient cloud-based and secure business processes on the best TCO level of business operations.

To implement an SAP system on AWS is not very different from the traditional infrastructure installation. Basically SAP Basis and Netweaver expertise is required on application site. During the configuration design several points are to be considered, however, but the AWS gives adequate support for all of these.

Many technical guides are available, not to mention the integrated tools, the management and monitoring systems. These are all effectively help the optimum adjustment of the systems, either we see

  • the adequate computing capacity
  • the design of the storage solution
  • the security settings
  • the system management solutions as well

The proper use of these broad set of tools ensure that the SAP environment

  • run on optimal work performance
  • provide adequate availability
  • meet operational reliability the expectations
  • obtain the total cost of ownership (TCO) the lowest possible value.

SAP licencing

There are many types of licensing options.

  • Regarding SAP products the most common is the “Bring Your Own License” (BYOL) model. This means that the previously purchased or the new licenses, obtained directly from SAP are free to use on the AWS platform.
  • In addition, there are equivalent licensing models to traditional environment such as test (trial), and development (dev) licenses
  • Some of the most popular SAP environments have on-demand licensing model as well, e.g. it is available for  SAP HANA.


The standard SAP installation is also possible here, similar to when SAP is installed onto a traditional physical or virtual machine. Installations will greatly facilitate by the SAP images available on AWS, which are in addition to the appropriate configurations, mature, tested solutions and having been implemented effectively they provide highly reliable operation as well.

SAP designs

Regarding the basic SAP systems - PRDT, TEST, DEV, POC, QAS - all supports the "Hybrid" and "All on AWS” architecture.

Disaster Recovery for SAP in AWS

Another great option is to design the Disaster Recovery (DR) within AWS. In alpine conditions, we only allocate standby resources to the synchronization database. By contrast, creating a traditional disaster environment requires the purchase and operation of complete hardware and software stack.

If the DR environment is already run on AWS, it is also desirable to perform backups and archiving tasks in the cloud and keep the "results" there. Standard tools and documentation are also available to implement them, so reliable and fast design is provided here.

SAP on AWS is the best for TCO

Streamlined certification ensure AWS-based, efficient and secure business on the most favorable TCO level.


It is expertise the most important criteria to develop cloud based IT. The AWS is a uniquely efficient solution, we can help you to benefit from.
We design, deliver and operate.