Store, resize, use of large images on bargain price in the cloud

The web content contains a lot of pictures, video and / or audio nowadays. To store and access such data in a reliable way, is an increasing burden. Today's content on the Internet by a current statistics (2017) shows the following distribution by HTTP Archive statistics.

It is not the small size of the video file, but how the different types of content are shared on average of Web page views. So the unique size of the videos is much larger, but the incidence rate is much lower than in the photos. This insight has to be explained as the modern browsers do not download all the images. The so-called, responsive sites, i.e. sites that take into account the screen size of the display device (phone, tablet, laptop), generate versions of the images in different sizes and fit it to the size of display accordingly. However, the storage need increases consequently.

Our proposal that utilizing the Amazon Web Services (AWS) services

Several AWS services can be used for production, storage, conversion of Web content, and provide with its accessibility. These services give optimal technical and economical solution for the modern Internet presence with the professional help of Total Cloud Consulting.

  • The AWS Simple Storage Services (S3) is a highly reliable, from the Internet directly accessible objects (text, image, audio, video) storage service.
  • The AWS Cloudfront service is a globally distributed content delivery service (CDN - Content Delivery Network), which allows easy and quick access to different content.
  • The Lambda AWS services, make it possible to resize, modify, optimize the uploaded content and only need to pay for it, when we use.
  • The AWS Elastic Transcoder service enables audio and video materials from different sources to resize, format conversion, for example, for easily playable form for mobile phones.

Why Total Cloud Consulting?

With the help of the Total Cloud Consulting the AWS services described above can provide a powerful, an adequate tool to content production, storage and distribution solution in an economical way.


It is expertise the most important criteria to develop cloud based IT. The AWS is a uniquely efficient solution, we can help you to benefit from.
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