Backup, restore, archive

Traditionally, there are two main methods in IT practice for backups: from disk to tape, and disk to disk replication. The existing data and the extreme growth rate of newly generated data need special care and a lot of manual efforts.


To control backup processes whether the backup runs at all, and if it has finished correctly, this is a less innovative space in IT. Regarding tapes, not only the control and the media costs are high, but the recovery process is a very complex and time consuming task. Replication between storages, or file servers is faster and more up-to-date than using tapes.


Companies used to duplicate their storage capacity on-premise or co-location by involving service companies most of the time. In these cases they make so called snapshots from time to time and replicate to the secondary site through the network. From capacity and security point of view this is a fair option. On the other hand the construction of the duplicated infrastructure plus the necessary extra software licenses have extremely high costs.

The cloud based backup and recovery solutions are designed

  • to meet the expected security and compliancy regulations
  • to meet the industry standards

Besides the low CAPEX need of these systems manageability, scalability, durability is an outstanding advantage comparing to the on-premise infrastructure or to the hosted services.

Information Technology is a production capacity

You pay what you use. The productive IT capacity is available when you don’t plan any IT investments. Financial resources should be rather used for business development.


It is expertise the most important criteria to develop cloud based IT. The AWS is a uniquely efficient solution, we can help you to benefit from.
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