Efficiency in development and testing

For the development teams, the most important expectations are

  • to produce high quality code,
  • and to build the software product or its prototype in the shortest time for production system or market penetration.

 Regardless of the software type to be developed, the appropriate development tools and testing methods have significant impact on the results. The effectiveness of the development is equally affected by the limits of available IT resources (time, money, access to resources).

Talking about development or testing, resources should only be used when and  which are required for the task.

In addition to the significant cost savings, further operational efficiency improvements can be achieved by the accessibility to the necessary resources in minutes for the AWS users, no need weeks or months to wait for shipment and installation of hardware resources required by tasks.

The AWS provides the following main tools for development during the development phase

  • Source Code Repository: availability and durable data access and version-control
  • On demand-development environment: Server instances can be stopped vs. Server instances can be terminated
  • AWS API and IDE integration: Several AWS SDK for, application integration, many programming languages and mobile platforms

Support of Build Phase

The BUILD phase consists of several complex steps, which carries various resource dependencies such as different CPU architectures, platforms, operating systems. The entire BUILD process can take up to several hours, which has a direct impact on the development agility. Especially where "Continuous Integration" is applied.

Continuous Deployment

The best performing development organizations combine the "Continuous Integration" and the "Continuous Delivery", which implementation is not trivial. The built-in AWS service (Code Pipeline) efficiently and quickly delivers the software code from the "staging" phase, via testing up to the live deployment. The process steps are standardized and ensure the high level of efficiency in an automated way.

AWS provides the latest tools for the developer community, such as microservices using containers. Using these tools, AWS allows you to move the local development environments into the cloud as easily as never before.


One of the most important phase of the software development is testing, which focuses not only on quality control, but the errors to be corrected early and much less expensive. It is valid for the various forms of testing that they require significant resources, but only for a limited period of time for the test runs. In addition, the test environments change frequently, and in each case they are different, and their resource requirements vary.


The AWS Pay-as-You-Go model based solutions perfectly meet the requirements.

Why DEV&TEST is so efficient in AWS?

The AWS Cloud is a - programming language and operating system - independent platform where the system flexibility allows you to focus on projects rather than existing infrastructure to maintain and operate.


It is expertise the most important criteria to develop cloud based IT. The AWS is a uniquely efficient solution, we can help you to benefit from.
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