Business value from data

Is it taken for granted that we want to make better business decisions using data continuously generated and available analysis tools?

Source of data eruption

Today more than 2.5 Exabyte (2.5 billion Gigabyte) data is generated daily. More than 90% of the resulting data comes from the last two years, and 90% out of this is the so called non-structured data (no databases, no Excel sheets...etc.).

• sensors, IoT,
• mobile applications, enterprise business apps (ERP, CRM)
• video stream, call center recordings,
• images, documents, e-mails,
• Social media activity,
• purchase history,
• GPS-based services... etc.

The main objective of the advanced data asset management is to bring ones the best prepared to make better decisions.

What's the challenge?

The biggest challenge is yet to bridge the recovered information from the advanced analytical systems and the process of business decision making.

Without IT cloud - from the available data sources and communication channels, enterprise applications, social networks…etc. - data collection, processing and utilization is an expensive and risky task for most of the companies.

The significance of the cloud in data asset management

The modern cloud technology enables companies to

  • collect large amounts of data and rely on advanced analytical systems,
  • make data-driven business decisions,
  • in a cost-effective manner,
  • supported by demonstrably faster ROI calculations.

Offered analytical products, services

  • Serverless query (Amzon Athena)
  • Hadoop (Amazon EMR)
  • Streaming Data (Amazon Kinesis)
  • Business Intelligence (Amazon QuickSight, Tableau, Qlik)
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse (Amazon Redshift)
  • Data Workflow Orchestration (AWS Data Pipeline)

Why Total Cloud Consulting?

Total Cloud Consulting is the expert of the Amazon Web Services possibilities. We assess our Consumer’s processes and suggest areas where commercially reasonably, efficiently and at low cost can be solved those tasks which require the introduction of advanced analytical tools.


It is expertise the most important criteria to develop cloud based IT. The AWS is a uniquely efficient solution, we can help you to benefit from.
We design, deliver and operate.