Automated containerization

Why to containerize applications?

Regardless of the target platform (except for some legacy solutions), containers had become a valid solution how to get software running in different environments, eliminating all the headaches regarding the OS distribution and the underlying infrastructure stack dependencies. The target platform can vary from a developer’s notebook to an on-premises data center or any cloud platforms - public or private, or all of these at once. So, no matter where you want to run your software, containers give a lot of help for its portability.

The main benefit above abstracting the dependencies away is the development-, testing-, and deployment productivity that let the developers focus more on features in a relevantly shorter time, as containers are immutable, memory lightweight and much faster to run than running workloads directly on OS in the traditional way.

More containers and more hosts...

As containers increasingly become an integral part of production environments, we shall search for tools that help organizations effectively manage and orchestrate their containers. If someone wants to use more containers and more hosts, it is not an easy to answer at all way how to manage & orchestrate them at scale.

Can we automate the process?

So, what can we utilize to provide proper ways for deploying, maintaining and scaling containerized applications? What one must overcome is more than just benefitting from a proper solution but how the solution itself can be managed in a safe and robust manner?

There should be ways where it is easy to deploy a highly available, fault tolerant, full-scale Kubernetes environment on public cloud and with the highest potential to automate the process.

The light out of the tunnel

TC2 has developed a Docker-ecosystem to easily deploy

  • a highly available,
  • fault tolerant,
  • full-scale Kubernetes environment on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, using:
  • Kubernetes Operations (kops) and
  • AWS CloudFormation (CFN) templates together
  • Combination of AWS Systems Manager (SSM) and AWS Lambda to help with graceful cluster tear-down

that automates the entire process.

The final result is a 100% kops compatible, "vanilla" Kubernetes deployment, what you can manage from either the Bastion host, via secure VPN channel or HTTPS endpoint remotely. Total Cloud Consulting uses the popular tool "kops" because it is the easiest and most elegant way to get a production grade Kubernetes cluster up and running. We keep focus on security and transparency for the whole deployment process.

We provide three, slightly different AWS infrastructure deployment scenarios for production / stage-development / demo purposes.

Overall, TC2 has prepared with a detailed guide for IT architects, administrators, and DevOps professionals who are planning to implement their Kubernetes workloads on AWS.

Why Total Cloud Consulting?

TC2 free-of-charge shares the whole guide publicly with all the IaC source codes to support the IT professional’s community with a highly automated container ecosystem. TC2 is eager to promote an ecosystem where the application portability is number one priority with no vendor lock-in. TC2 offers the planning, design and implementation of this highly automated Docker-ecosystem with operational support capabilities if needed. TC2 is a professional AWS Advanced Consulting Partner to deliver innovative solutions to come up with the expectations of the regulations and the business agility as well.

Feel free to contact us for the detailed and free of charge “Abstract for production grade Kubernetes deployment on AWS Cloud”! Please request your enquiry as TC2’s Docker-ecosystem development.

Based on our previous experiences and industry standards, TC2 highly recommends that Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery services are implemented correctly, to efficiently support container operations. Contact us for more information.


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