AWS IoT Platform

A part of the devices has already been connected on a certain way, like M2M, SCADA, WSN… solutions. These solutions are predicted to be not enough efficient in the short term future.


  • handling huge amount of data requires limitless scalability in IT resources,
  • due to the variety of on-premise data stores and data processing solutions, these are expensive and physically limited,
  • the more complex the systems is the more complicated the way how to manage and monitor its operations and performance,
  • the more complicated security management is an even bigger challenge,
  • the more hardware and software elements are utilized from the penetrated business IT world is the more competitive chance to stand out on the market,
  • the better penetration of the financially more valuable SaaS products can be delivered by AWS,
  • the standardized and unified communication protocols of the devices grant more efficient solutions to access the market.


To keep it simple, it is an interactive linkage among the devices (things) surrounding us. AWS offers its services in this amazingly growing market segment with high quality support based on Public, Virtual or Hybrid cloud platforms.


IoT takes the internet usage to the next level, which is capable of interconnecting not only applications, but even cyber physical things , objects in the real and virtual world. If a "thing" can be provided with a unique identifier, such as an IPv4 or IPv6 address and has a built-in sensor capabilities, it can be already adapted to communicate with other "things", applications or human beings in the physical space.


The IoT AWS platform provides two-way, secure connection between "things" of Internet-connected (sensors, actuators, and other devices built-in "smart" devices) and IoT applications in the AWS cloud. The platform allows the application in AWS to collect, store and analyze various telemetric data from „things”.


You can create an IoT application that enables two-way communication allowing a variety of "things" to be controlled from even a mobile device of the AWS user. The connected "things" can send messages in JSON format between devices using standard MQTT protocols, like „myhouse/kitchen/temperature”. Of course, the AWS IoT message broker forwards every message received on the certain subject to every customer who have subscribed for the given information and are entitled to receive it.


We can establish messages based rules (Rule Engine) that can trigger events depending on the content of the message. It is simple to insert, update or query AWS DynamoDB data sheets or trigger AWS Lambda functions.

To filter the mass data out, rules can be defined and applied. The rules may integrally comprise AWS IAM (AWS identity and access management solution) role, which gives the AWS IoT entitlement to the specific AWS resource that serve the specific business logic for you.

Great & simple

The AWS platform IoT is a simple tool to make use of the AWS Standard Services (AWS Lambda, Kinesis, AWS S3, Amazon Machine Learning, Amazon DynamoDB) can be developed into an IoT applications that

  • collect, process, analyze and
  • trigger events based on data generated from the linked objects on a global scale, without having to manage any infrastructure.

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