IT survey

In order to provide good answers, business processes, reasonable management may be the part of the survey.

The survey structure, methodology involves several well-known method (EFQM, BSCRD, COBIT, ITIL ... etc.). In practice, our survey can be determined by several circumstances. If our clients have not formed any opinion, standpoint, about the cloud-based informatics yet

  • the fundamental purpose is the complete survey of the existing environments, solutions if the Customer has sufficient resources to provide information (of course, we have a variety of tools to support automatic collection of information where this is possible)
  • and if it is seen that customer doesn't have sufficient resource already at the level of collecting information, following the preliminary discussions smaller areas are selected and we gradually, one after the other survey the individual areas, then the proposal and the possible implementation is so staged.

Customers who already have strong ideas, used to bring up specific cloud computing solutions putting forward at the start. These business and / or technological priorities specified by our Customers usually determine the fields of study and its sequence.


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