Case studies

SAP HR system migration from on-premise to Amazon Web Services. Quality Assurance support.

Fault-Tolerant, High Availability, automated and cost optimized - Containerized Application Platform based on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Education and Proof of Concept development with Big Data technologies in AWS.

Migration of Basware application, IP (Invoice Processing) and PM (Purchase Management) modules from ASP service provider to Amazon Web Services cloud platform.

Deployment of S/4HANA ERP system implementation to AWS platform.

Creating a CI / CD and Productive Environment with Fault Tolerant, High Availability, automated and cost-effective containerized application platform based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) serving the e-money based loyalty system.

IT Coaching and Training on Google (GCP) BigQuery Data Warehouse.

Design and implement an optimal developer and runtime environment of the Formulator SaaS application in Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) based solution that provides a highly scalable, fault-tolerant (FT), high availability (HA), automated, and cost-effective application platform to the Webshop system.

Creating a secure gateway managed service for mobile application, operating on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Implementing a secure and encrypted long-term data prevention and retrieval system.