Web & App

About Web & App: Web & App is a web site and portal development company that has a good marketing sense and has been developing and expanding on domestic and foreign markets, primarily in the North American market through spectacular design elements. Business development, in addition to the obvious IT frontend challenges, also means more and more IT backend requirements.

Challenge: The number of clients, people who visit a single portal and the number of transactions on the page due to the higher access data on foreign sites already have a significant burden. By running the traditional "brute force" approach in traditional VPS (server hosting) centers, Web & App is mostly at very high cost they could not even handle it. In this critical situation, they turned to Total Cloud Consulting for advice.


Many well-scaled products and services from AWS are a good basis for solving current problems and choosing future technology directions, so Total Cloud Consulting's advice was clear.

Of particular note is the use of Aurora RDBMS with unique scalability, which greatly helped with the already critical portals being properly loaded by the always actual level of workload.

Why Total Cloud Consulting?

Web & App was already in the development phase to look for Total Cloud Consulting to seek advice conceptually to choose the right development direction. Optimized environments are developed in steps from development to implementation, to the operation of a productive system. Total Cloud Consulting provides full lifecycle management.

Total Cloud Consulting has extensive experience in creating and developing flexible, developer, test, and productive environments in AWS with the focus on automated operation with low level maintenance need.