About Recasher: RECASHER is a completely new, e-money loyalty program, which is also very innovative in its approach.

Challenge: After many reimbursement schemes and customer loyalty programs, RECASHER is the first company to offer real-time cash reimbursement for all customers worldwide for all purchases made on-line or in partner stores with the RECASHER system.  There are no points, cards, only cash. The reason is simple.

RECASHER has completely redefined the concept of consumer satisfaction. The eternal and well-known phenomenon of loyalty cards and unused points, the meaningless buy-in of semi-finished products and opaque conditionality will ultimately end. Every transaction has an immediate benefit for customers. Real-time Real Money Refund.


Behind this solution is a multitude of complicated applications, which, instead of the traditional monolithic solution, were made in today's fashionable "microservice" solution. One of the best supporting environments in this environment is the container world. The Docker environment will be a perspective platform for the long term with the robustness, flexibility and scalability of the AWS cloud.

Why Total Cloud Consulting

RECASHER was looking for Total Cloud Consulting in the development phase to seek advice on conceptualizing the right development direction. The optimized full CI / CD and productive environments are developed in steps from development to implementation through productive system operation. Total Cloud Consulting provides complete lifecycle management.

Total Cloud Consulting has extensive experience in creating flexible developer, test and productive environments for AWS, and in container-based technologies (Docker, Kubernetes).