Ness Hungary

About Ness Hungary Ltd.: Ness Hungary is a leader in the Hungarian consulting market. The company has a wide scale of competencies, intermediates business and economic added values, part of the global Ness company. Of the professional fields, the SAP competence stands out.

The challenge: Ness Hungary provides SAP solutions to its Clients from the strategic planning to implementation and support. In a significant domestic and regional market competition, it is important that a competitive offer, which is usually a lower price, does not in any way lead to a reduction in quality, and even better, more flexible work will gain the confidence of the customers in Ness Hungary. To achieve this, efficiency needs to be significantly increased by drastically reducing the time spent and costs.

As its customers have a clear claim on both the lower implementation and maintenance costs and the usage-based costs of SAP systems, therefore, with Ness Hungary's appropriate SAP competence, their clients are positively accepting the AWS-based platform proposal, as these listed legitimate demands apply to traditional on-premises or data center hosted environment is very difficult or can not keep up. The scalability of traditional IT systems under SAP systems is extremely costly, their maintenance and operation are time-consuming, and overall, they do not give the flexibility that customers demand by their business needs. Ness Hungary wanted to reach out a cloud technology and a cloud professional partner that would enable it to run S/4HANA ERP system cost-effectively and drive its Clients to agile services that would support their business growth and performance peaks.


By utilizing AWS, Total Cloud Consulting has implemented an agile, cloud-first approach that is vital to Ness Hungary’s Clients plans for growth. The implemented AWS infrastructure naturally significantly reduces the infrastructure and operating costs of the SAP system, and as a result of efficient workload, system updates and upgrades are also significantly cheaper than traditional IT. Ness Hungary and its customers achieve all the benefits provided by AWS services. There will be no need for hardware procure and deployment, so the time required for implementing and updating the SAP software can be measured in days compared to previous weeks and months.

Why Total Cloud Consulting?

Total Cloud Consulting is the expert of the Amazon Web Services possibilities. We assess our Consumer’s processes and suggest areas where commercially reasonably, efficiently and at low cost. Total Cloud Consulting is an AWS Consulting Partner with both experts certified by AWS and seniors in the field of hybrid IT arena.