About Intersnack: The parent company of Intersnack Magyarország Kft., the Intersnack Group, was born from several German family businesses, and today it has become the largest European-owned snack manufacturer. Intersnack Magyarország Kft. is the leading manufacturer of domestic specialty snacks markets, with annual sales of over 10 billion HUF and 270 employees.

Challenge: Intersnack has been engaging a large-scale digital transformation project to optimize their reporting and analytics platform by adopting new wave Big Data technologies in the Cloud. Intersnack wanted to familiarize themselves with the technologies chosen for the transformation, therefore wanted a local partner who can get internal teams up to speed with relevant Cloud and Big Data knowledge. Intersnack required to get learning path and proof of concepts done in a timely manner.


Alongside a multi-staged education plan, Intersnack was able to experiment with Big Data technologies in AWS in a matter of days. As part of building a proof of concept, an end to end data processing pipeline was prototyped using AWS serverless services like S3, Glue, Athena, which successfully demonstrated the use cases required for Intersnack analytical workloads.

Why Total Cloud Consulting?

Total Cloud Consulting was able to assist Intersnack on a fast track learning path by providing relevant training materials and classroom lectures to understand AWS platform services. TC2 was also helping Intersnack experiment with AWS by building a proof of concept with robust and secure design, which could potentially serve even production workloads.