About instantCMR: instantCMR is a mobile solution startup that develops and delivers innovative solutions in the transport industry segment.

The challenge: It is the transportation industry, where to instantCMR develops and provides mobile applications so instantCMR requested a high-availability, secure and cloud-based managed service with support for operation to provide customers with a scalable and high-quality service. The primary purpose of the managed service delivered by Total Cloud Consulting was to control the traffic from mobile devices to the Internet.


The solution provided by Total Cloud Consulting enabled the integration of the new gateway into the instantCMR’s system without any modifications to the existing infrastructure. This resulted in a significant reduction in time and cost of the testing and implementation phase. For instantCMR, it is now possible to gradually introduce new managed services to its customers without causing any disruption to the system. Our multi-level AWS-based monitoring and automatic error correction solutions allows troubleshooting a significant part of the problems that are encountered without operator intervention or the exact definition of the cause of the problem. This simplifies operator tasks and speeds up debugging and troubleshooting, resulting in higher SLA level of service at lower operating cost.

The managed service developed by Total Cloud Consulting was designed with the actual SLA needs of the instantCMR and with the scaling corresponding to the expected load. However, because of the AWS-based solution, the system can be easily scaled horizontally and vertically, as the increase in the required SLA levels or the expected expansion of the instantCMR customer base make it necessary.

As it is a Total Cloud Consulting provided managed service, instantCMR has nothing to do with it. Total Cloud Consulting performs all the maintenance and troubleshooting tasks, so instantCMR can use its own resources to further develop and manage its services.

Why Total Cloud Consulting?

The Total Cloud Consulting team has extensive experience in designing, implementing and operating traditional and cloud-based solutions.

Total Cloud Consulting provided with solution oriented, flexible cooperation, with keeping instantCMR’s business need in mind in the professional collaboration.