Moving our SAP HR systems to AWS and implementing a ‘cloud first’ policy allowed us to focus on our growing business, instead of managing infrastructure. Martin Goetz, Managing Director, RWE IT

About ELMŰ Plc.: ELMŰ Plc. engages in the distribution of electricity. It caters to residential customers, small, medium and large enterprises in Hungary. The company was founded in 1991. and is headquartered in Budapest, Hungary.

The challenge: With a growing business, the ELMŰ Plc.’s SAP system – hosted in data center - was struggling to keep pace. It was expensive to scale, time-consuming to manage, and didn’t provide the flexibility that staff required.

ELMŰ Plc. had a clear vision of the type of IT infrastructure they wanted to create. The two principles of

  • “manage, not make”
  • “cloud first”

would form the basis for the organization’s IT strategy.

ELMŰ Plc. decided to move its SAP HR system to the cloud first. It was running on an Oracle DB 11g on Power/AIX, and is used to process the monthly benefits for employees. Given the sensitive nature of the data handled and ELMŰ’s data protection policies, compliance certifications—for example, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 — were vital in any technology that ELMŰ Plc. chose.

The team wanted to find a cloud technology that would enable it to run applications cost-effectively and help its transition from the management-intensive data center infrastructure to agile services that would support company growth and performance peaks.

The benefits

By using AWS, ELMŰ Plc. has implemented an agile, cloud-first approach that is central to its plans for growth. Moving its SAP HR solution to AWS, ELMŰ Plc. has cut its operational expenses compared to running the system on legacy on-premises hardware. It also reduced its physical data center footprint, which is helping to make the firm more energy-efficient.

AWS compliance certifications for ISO standards help ELMŰ Plc. ensure that its sensitive data is secure at all times.

ELMŰ Plc. is taking full advantage of the flexibility that working in AWS provides. It will no longer have to provision hardware and, as a result, it can deploy software and resources in one day compared to six to eight weeks in the past. This enhances the service it provides to the business, gives employees faster access to applications, and helps improve productivity across the organization.

Why Total Cloud Consulting?

As the subcontractor of ERP Consulting (trusted advisor on SAP), Total Cloud Consulting has been providing quality assurance support to ELMŰ Plc. in order to successfully finalize its migration project, part of the “cloud first” IT strategy. 

Total Cloud Consulting is an official AWS Consulting Partner with both experts certified by AWS and seniors in the field of hybrid IT arena.