Borsod Ambulance and Patient Transport Services

About Borsod Ambulance and Patient Transport Services: Its core activity is the transport of patients, according to a specific territorial obligation. Employing telephone operators in organizing and managing patient transport. Operators are supported by Windows operating system based workstations and a central file server.

Business and compliance challanges

  • During the telephone work of the operators, business and regulatory expectations are required to record the conversations in the right quality and to provide back-listening.
  • It is the operational support requirement that expects a common storage to be accessed by identity and access management policy as common platform for data store, clearing and controlls.
  • The recording and long-term holding of telephone conversations is legally regulated for public services received from the state. Thus, keeping the telephone conversations lasting (5 years) and retrieving and transferring them upon request has given special attention to the system to be developed.
  • The handling of sensitive data also highlights the encryption of data to be archived and the adequate compliance of the archiving service for sensitive data as well.

The implemented system: is based on the AWS Glacier product from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that was integrated with a service of a NAS device. The long-term preservation and retrieval service of the AWS Glacier provides a high security service with an encrypted private key.

Security & safety

The service is highly secure with a 99.999999999% durability. The service is based on an identity and access management system that is integrated by Amazon Web Services (AWS).


With the AWS built-in high security and availability system, files on the NAS server can be manually or automated (scheduled) archived and recovered to and from the AWS Glacier storage service in a cost-effective way.

The long-term preservation service created is not only a high-security, but also a cost-effective solution for even the SME sector.

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