About Bankmonitor: With many years of expert experience, the Bankmonitor is the largest Hungarian Financial Services product comparison company. With its service, more than 30 banks, financial service providers, compare thousands of products to companies and individuals.

The challange: enhancements, tests and deployment in the environment of the microservice architecture

  • scalable and automated design,
  • based on container technology,
  • high application portability and consequently
  • along with the exclusion of the "vendor lock-in" infrastructure, requires serious engineering skills.

During the project, the automation of development processes and operational support as well as the creation of an optimal cost level were among the most important aspects.

Under the law, it is working with bank data and transmitting client data to banks, which required high level of IT security and regulatory compliance. In designing the infrastructure, compliance with GDPR regulation, strong IT security (e.g. integrated identity-based access management and logging, policy development), and the creation of best-in-class and cost-effective backups and disaster environments, were automated.


in the solution developed by Total Cloud Consulting, an AWS CloudFormation Template is made, which is universally and flexibly used for production, test and development environments that can be created and deleted simultaneously. With the Total Cloud Consulting Kubernetes orchestration tool, the Docker-based application environment is deployed to the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) created by CloudFormation. The CloudFormation template has universal, selectable, parameterizable options that make the new infrastructure more flexible and easy to use.

Client benefits on the project

Fault Tolerant and High Availability cluster, which is provided by several levels.

Why Total Cloud Consulting?

Total Cloud Consulting has extensive experience in creating flexible productive, test and development platforms for AWS, as well as in container-based technologies (Docker, Kubernetes).