Hungarian success at Amazon Web Services

AWS classifies its partners into four grades based on professional knowledge, traffic and references. TC2, a cloud computing implementation and operation company, has already reached the third tier, making it the first and only domestic Advanced partner for Amazon Web Services.

More and more companies are using cloud-based solutions in Hungary as well, as the cloud is transforming not only IT but also business processes and decisions. The cloud is also an effective platform for business experimentation and rapid implementation.

For the world's largest cloud provider, Advanced Partnership means that companies can have the tools to create new solutions, have the opportunity to grow, and receive technology and sales support.

Obtaining the Advanced Criterion System is a multi-step process: with the expectation of traffic required to pass professional AWS exams

TC2 was launched in 2016 under the name Total Cloud Consulting. Their portfolio includes conceptualization, design, education, development, implementation, operation for new systems, and migration of existing systems. The company has now reached 13 employees and has become a major player in the domestic and regional cloud market. On October 9, TC2 and Amazon Web Services will co-host the AWSome Day Budapest Conference for the second time, so that after the Wroclaw, Bucharest, Belgrade, Athens, Iasi and Cluj Napoca, the IT community will learn about the latest cloud solutions.

Co-founders and current leaders of TC2 are György Ákos and Róbert Révész, who have held leadership positions in the domestic organization of several world-wide companies and major Hungarian IT companies in the last decades. TC2's clients include Vodafone, Bankmonitor, Te-Food, Doqsys and E.On. TCS builds its expertise beyond AWS on technology partners such as VMware, SAP, Docker.