AWSome Day Budapest, 2018

Cloud computing is becoming more and more common in Eastern Europe and Hungary, and related technological innovations are constantly being able to show new ones to professionals. At the AWSome Day Budapest conference in Hungary, the TC2 professionals and invited experts were introduced to the new standard through case studies.

The new norm

With the spread of cloud computing, technology transfer has drastically accelerated to arrive in Eastern Europe. Almost all of the services available in a web browser are available in Hungary as well as in Western Europe or the US. Cloud computing has now become the new standard. It is anticipated that spending by 2020 will reach and exceed the framework for classic IT, thus exceeding 50% of the total IT budget. Amazon Web Services also has a continuous strong annual growth in Central Eastern Europe, so it is understandable that Budapest had been chosen one of the stations of AWSome Day Global Series this year. At the AWSome Day Conference in Hungary, TC2 professionals and invited experts were introduced to the success of the new standard via case studies, and announced the 2019 professional events, including a professional webinar series that offers detailed information on specific topics.

Very cloud, adaptive operation

Faster economic processes and competitiveness require agility from companies, one of the IT mapping is DevOps. The key to flexible change is the Microservice architecture, which is a simple option for creating and maintaining applications, instead of rewriting the monolithic systems. The fragmentation of monolithic applications (managed microservices) results in higher quality and faster development. Downstream in the IT layers, instead of installing and operating physical servers, the Serverless operation will take enormous burden away from the IT organization, and it may replace the continuous work on physical servers. They combine the more coordinated operation of the organization and the more flexible, quicker changes in IT systems to adapt to economic conditions.

IT that can reborn in the Cloud

Do not neglect classic IT systems and think over how to renew their operation in the cloud. According to VMS AG's analysis the infrastructure cost of SAP systems can be reduced by up to 71% on AWS, providing certification and support equivalent to the classic IT infrastructure. The market leader in IT virtualization, VMware offers the VMware Cloud on AWS with the same environment as the onpremises environment, utilizing existing expertise, but without a migration task, complementing the cloud's unlimited scalable infrastructure and platform services. One of the basics of safe operation is proper data asset management (data backup, archiving). The public cloud market leader AWS offers 99.999999999% durability for data in the cloud at fractional cost and comes up with the highest security and regulatory compliance requirements.

"Structured RDBMS and "schemaless" NoSQL storage is an indispensable tool for the modern IT industry, but often there are difficulties in managing these services, managing licenses, scaling, backup and restoring solutions. However, with managed SQL services, we can solve this, so the latest developments allow for automatic scaling, automatic storage allocation, and the so-called. "Serverless" operation. We also provide users with a managed NoSQL service to provide high availability, unlimited storage and a fast database" - said Róbert Révész.

IT security, compliance

"Cloud computing services could not exist without high level IT security requirements and standards being met. As this area is of paramount importance in the life of companies both domestically and internationally, we are concerned that these security solutions, authentication, encryption, key management, logging and log analysis, authentication, validation, and regulatory compliance are all the more we call attention and offer a standard, built-in solution" - said Róbert Révész, Managing Director of TC2.

We can not forget about the fault-tolerant, high availability of business-critical systems or the development of disaster recovery environments on this topic. National and global regulators requires specific industries in the separation of dev/test/education environments, as well as setting up disaster recovery environments, and experts have also highlighted the potential and importance of cost-effective implementation - public cloud-based.

Content of the presentations

Presentations and video content is available here, only in Hungarian.