01 - The challenge


The challenge

In order to make appropriate business and professional decisions regarding the use of the cloud it is necessary to know in detail the components of the cloud, their relationship with each other, business models, and professional language. At both C-level and technical level constant professional development, participation in trainings and possibly obtaining certificates are essential.

02 - The solution


The solution

The decision-making process and predictability of cloud migration can be translated into two basic issues:

Basic training

once a week for 4 weeks, occasionally presenting the business / strategic issues of AWS and its main components for 2-2 hours. The training will take the form of 20% presentation and 80% AWS Console demonstration with assignments and a summary for next week’s workshop. Typically new clients and new projects need this training from both business and technical colleagues where it is possible to learn the AWS language, understand the relationships between the components, and possibly make business decisions related to the project.

Special training

a workshop dedicated to the project-specific AWS area selected by the client (e.g. Network, EKS, ML, IoT, IaaC), which covers 50% of the training of the given AWS component, 50% of the topics specially designed for the client’s project. The duration and depth of this type of training can be customized.

The workshops are held by our architect / DevOps colleagues with project experience, references and AWS certificates.