Support and Operation services


01 - The challenge


The challenge

The project never ends with implementation. Operation, system availability, operational support, and ongoing improvements and modifications during operation make the picture complete and the system or application truly usable.

02 - The solution


The solution

In order to ensure the operational safety and availability of production systems it is important to develop an appropriate support structure. TC2’s support offerings are available in 4 different models (Basic, Standard, Advanced, Enterprise), each model includes SLAs for 10 professional competency areas and service-specific features. A key benefit of TC2 Operations Support is that it also integrates the so-called TC2MS internal developed managed services components applied to the customer’s AWS account enabling efficient operation of the AWS environment as a result of many years of development and best practices.

It is possible to pre-allocate architect / DevOps resources on a monthly basis for project tasks, support and / or change needs, reporting and AWS account analysis services can also be used based on the guidelines of the AWS well architected framework. Thanks to AWS’s organizational structure and capabilities the customer account can also be organized into the TC2 AWS organization which can lead additional operational benefits, consolidated billing and volume discounts.