Cloud security


01 - The challenge


The challenge

How secure is the cloud and how does shared responsibility work? Do auditors accept security solutions in public clouds? Is the platform suitable for storing sensitive data? Using the cloud can lead to a variety of IT security issues the most common questions and answers are collected here. TC2 experts help you navigate the complex set of data security rules and implement security tools tailored to your company's personal needs.

02 - The solution


The solution

TC2 provides support in selecting and configuring the required security devices. AWS pays special attention to ensuring that the platform they provide provides the highest possible level of security for customers. The AWS platform provides a wealth of security tools and solutions without the need for completeness: two-factor authentication, extensive and flexible management of permissions, encryption of repositories and databases, audit logging, tracking of configuration changes, automatic detection of network attacks, DDOS protection.

In addition to AWS solutions, it is possible to use third-party security tools, such as the Palo Alto Twistlock solution, which can provide additional protection for containerization environments.