Our experts

Péter Cseh

Cloud Architect

Peter CSEH studied at University of Szeged. Under the university studies he passed Cisco CCNA Instructor exam and participated in wide range of Linux and VMware trainings. He started to work at University of Szeged as a demonstrator, later lecturer, network and system administrator.

He joined a multi-national company in 2016, as a DevOps Engineer and was responsible for leading the DevOps team, design and implement HA and cost-saving solutions on AWS cloud.

Peter is responsible for designing and implementing cloud architectures as Cloud Architect on AWS platform. Interests are scaling, security, automation and VMware in the public cloud.

Tamás Szili

Cloud Engineer

In 2017 he graduated from BME Faculty of Electrical Engineering, majoring in wireless applications and systems, and specializing in optical networks. During his studies he dealt with visible communication, which was also the subject of an ICTON publication in 2015, available here:

He worked as a Cloud Backend Programmer at Ericsson Hungary where he could learn the python language. After graduation, he began working for Thyssenkurpp Componenets Technology, where he was a hardware engineer in the electric power steering development department. Here he dealt with the description of automated and semi-automated tests, simulations, writing instrument control and processing scripts.

Tamás is interested in telecommunications, radio, wireless - portable (eg: bluetooth speaker, IoT) and self-driving vehicles.

Márk László

Cloud Engineer

Márk László graduated from Óbuda University in 2015 as an electrical engineer. He later completed his masters degree at Aarhus University in Denmark. In 2016, he began working as a Technical Resolution Manager at IBM Lab in Budapest, then moved to Australia where he worked as a Technical Support Engineer for an online video company.

Mark is a Cloud Engineer at TC2 with interests in machine learning, big data, online media services.

Dániel Papp

Cloud Architect

Daniel has been working with Linux based systems since the early 2000s. During his work, he followed the appearance and spread of virtualization solutions (VMware, Xen, ...), participated in their implementation and operation. He taught advanced Linux courses. He is specialized in the domain of monitoring. His areas of interest include network security and various firewall solutions. He has been working on the AWS cloud platform since 2017.

As a Cloud Architect, Daniel is responsible for comprehensive design and implementation tasks at TC2.

Szabolcs Hidvégi

Enterprise Integration Architect

Szabolcs Hidvégi graduated from the Donát Bánki Technical College in 1994 as an organizational informatics. He then developed his technological skills through a series of further training courses. He began his internship with smaller software development companies, where he was involved in managing and managing individual software developments. He gained his first experience in large companies in 1999. and has since turned architect in several roles in the telecommunications, insurance and banking sectors, both in Hungary and abroad. For the past 4 years, he has been working on the effective use of new technology solutions in small and large enterprise environments such as containerization, microservice and cloud based architecture.

Szabolcs is involved in planning and supporting the deployment, transition and deployment of cloud-based architecture for large companies in TC2.

Sándor Molnár

Broadcast Technology Expert

Sándor Molnár worked for several years at the Hungarian Television in various engineering and IT positions before becoming the company's CIO. In 2005 he joined IBM as managing consultant and project manager where his activities focused on media archive, MAM and portal projects at international broadcasters. From 2009 he was responsible for the technological implementation and operation of television business line of Origo Zrt. In 2013 he was appointed to head of technical and IT division of TV2 where he was leading several successful technology and broadcasting projects for 4 years. Between 2017 and 2019 he managed the technology design and implementation of SwitchTV at Red Cross in Kenya.

Sándor joined TC2 in 2019 where he is responsible for building AWS national and regional media industry specific services as architect and business development.

Lajos Gács

Enterprise Architect

Lajos GÁCS graduated in the Budapest University of Technology Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 1977. Subsequently, he worked as a software developer in the Videoton Development Institute and then at the Bull Hungary spent two years in France. From 1996 he worked for 6 years with IBM Hungary Ltd. as IT architect where he attended in several major projects delivery.

From 2002 he worked for several Hungarian-owned medium-sized company where he played a leading role in the implementation of several system integration projects as architect and developer.

Lajos duties to perform assessment, planning and implementing services at the TC2 as cloud systems architect.

József Serfőző

Project manager

József Serfőző graduated from BME Faculty of Electrical Engineering. From the very first moment of his career, he dealt with fast-growing personal computers, exploring almost every area of it except research. Maintained computers, designed and built systems, programmed, product marketing, sales, and acted as a consultant.He worked for an oil company and a domestic subsidiary of an international bank, but he was really good at the solution provider side. IBM, Microsoft, Siemens and Unisys are international companies that have a wealth of professional experience.

As an engineer, he specializes in process control, and is close to TC2's responsibilities in project management and quality assurance.

Kriszta Csonka

Back Office expert

Krisztina Csonka graduated as an economist from the University of Pécs, Faculty of Economics in Szekszárd. She had worked both in small businesses and multinational company environment before the graduation. She gained insights and diverse experiences in various structures of operation.

She got employed at IBM Hungary Ltd. in 2000, first as a TeleCoverage Sales Representative, then from 2002 she continued her professional career as an Operations Specialist. Her tasks involved support and supervision of managers, sales representatives and product managers, operation and maintenance of CRM system, organizing trainings and making reports. Important areas were the know-how and enforcing of operation procedures and preparation for internal audits. In 2012 she expanded her knowledge in the field of public administration, working as an e-Health Program coordinator of the Ministry of Human Resources.

Kriszta joined TC2 as a Back Office expert, develops and supports the company's operational processes.

Lívia Martinovic-Benkő

Marketing Communication Expert

In 2006 Lívia Martinovic-Benkő graduated from Eötvös Loránd University with a degree in Italian language and literature. In the same year she graduated from the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Szeged with a degree in Communication. Currently she is a PhD candidate at the Doctoral School of Social Communication at Corvinus University of Budapest, her research area is the communication frameworks and contexts of technology discourses. She has been working in the marketing communications sector for thirteen years and has held leading positions on both the for-profit and the non-profit sectors. She was general secretary of the Direct and Interactive Marketing Association for almost 5 years, later became the PR manager of the HPS advertising agency, and then worked as the marketing communications manager for Camp Bátor until early 2019.

Lívia is responsible for TC2's full marketing communications. Her area of interest is the social impact of technology, from fake news to 'Data for Good' campaigns.